Organizations FAQ

What is an Organization?

An Organization is the top-level unit of GrapheneDB and is the main unit under which Environments, Members and API clients are managed. Additionally, Billing also happens at the Organization level.

How can I create an Organization?

When you create an Organization, you are added as an Organization Owner. To create it, you just need to navigate to the Account settings > Organizations tab, and click on Create Organization. You’ll be prompted to select a Subscription plan and add your billing details. You can find an article here with detailed information.

How do I invite team members?

A GrapheneDB user is a person with the GrapheneDB account who can become a member of your Organization. You can grant GrapheneDB users access to your Organization and assign roles to enforce permission levels. For more info on inviting other members to your Organization, please follow this link.

How do I manage members?

Only Owners or Admin users can remove members or edit the roles for a member. Please follow this article for detailed information on managing members.

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