Billing FAQ

Can I use GrapheneDB for free?

No, but you can evaluate GrapheneDB for free. Once the credits are spent, you can decide if you’ll continue to use our service, in which case any further charges will be withdrawn from the credit card on file.

Can I evaluate GrapheneDB for free?

Yes. When you signup, create an Organization, add a credit card and billing details and choose a Support Plan, you’ll get $50 in Welcome Credits, which will allow you to evaluate GrapheneDB for free.

How do you charge?

You can create, delete and pause your deployments as you need within your Organizations. At the beginning of each month, our system will calculate your usage for the previous month. Usage is prorated to the hour and you can check anytime your usage as explained here. There are different cost units that contribute to your usage, like running deployments, paused deployments, snapshots, or any other extra you might have added to your deployment.

Before charging your credit card on file we will try first to charge against your credit balance.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. Non-profit and educational organizations are eligible for discounts. We also offer discounts to customers that do upfront payments. If you’d like to discuss a discount, please open a Support Case.

Can I get a startup discount?

Our startup program is a monthly discount of 10% for the first year that we offer to startups with less than $2M ARR and 50 employees. We don’t ask for any special proof, just letting us know you are eligible, works for us. Please reach out to our support team and we’ll be happy to help.

How can I redeem my Welcome credits?

At GrapheneDB we completely understand that proper evaluation of any service is important for an individual or a company, and we’re giving Welcome Credits in the amount of $50 as soon as you choose a Subscription plan and add billing details to the first Organization. You can use those credits to try out GrapheneDB for free without any time limit. You can find details on the amount of credits available/spent in the Credits section of your Organization management interface.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. There is no commitment. If you want to cut your spending, you can delete paid databases at any time. There is no need to close your account as we only charge for deployments.

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