Introducing Support Cases

January 01, 2024

We’re excited to share a significant enhancement to our customer support experience – introducing Support Cases! Over the years, we’ve received your feedback on the challenges faced with our existing email-based ticket system, especially when dealing with multiple updates. With Support Cases, we are introducing a streamlined and efficient approach to ensure seamless communication and resolution.


What’s New with Support Cases?

Transparent Response Times
When you create a new Case, you’ll now have visibility into the expected first-time response based on your Organization subscription and the severity of your Case. This feature ensures you have a clear understanding of when to expect feedback, allowing for better planning and management of your queries.

Better Visibility
Support Cases provide enhanced visibility for your entire Organization. Active and archived Cases will be accessible from the Support Portal, offering a comprehensive overview of your support history. This transparency fosters a more collaborative and informed approach to addressing your needs.

Subscribe to Changes
Take control of your communication preferences by subscribing to or unsubscribing from a Case. This feature ensures you receive notifications only when needed, eliminating unnecessary interruptions or, in case you want to, keeping you in the loop.

Building on your feedback, we’ve introduced a follow-up feature. If a similar event occurs, you can create a follow-up from an old Case, establishing a connection between both Cases for better contextual understanding. This streamlined process enhances efficiency and collaboration between you and our team.

For a detailed guide on how to leverage Support Cases, check out our documentation here.

Moving Forward

Support Cases is just the beginning. We have planned additional improvements, including a feature to gauge your satisfaction after a Case has been resolved. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please share your thoughts and suggestions as we continue to refine and enhance the Support Cases experience.

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